In preparation for the upcoming illuminate Education program, there are a number of specific requests for permission in accordance with our own processes for your child/children as part of their involvement in the illuminate:nextgen Challenge that require parental permission. Please complete the form and only tick the boxes towards the bottom of the form that you agree to, and submit the form to help us keep preparing for the challenge.

Please Note: If you do not give permission for either aspect, this does not remove your child/children from being involved in the challenge and benefiting from the experience – but submitting the form without the boxes at the bottom ticked will help illuminate Education Australia remove any information your child/children submit to us, and to ensure we do not take any photos of your child/children during the delivery of the program.


Release of Information
This allows illuminate Education Australia to know which students have participated in our program, their age and interest to ensure we are achieving our aims. Also students may include personal information in their student work (address, phone number, email, etc.) and this allows for us to retain the work for our own purposes to review what students are producing in a focus on continuous improvement. We anonymise the data when collating it and preparing reports so no student can be individually identified, but the student details help us to understand who has completed the programs and with administration tasks (such as checking the spelling on certificates, etc.)


Photography Release
This allows illuminate Education Australia to take photos and/or video of your child/children throughout the challenge that can be used for promotional purposes as well as for the development of our team, as well as storing the work completed by students during the challenge.